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Free Online Small Business Assessment Tool

If you intend to grow your business, the benefits of professional accounting services cannot be overestimated.  But, when is it cost effective to hire an accounting firm’s experts?

Click on the link below to take a quick assessment of your current business accounting and bookkeeping needs.  The results will tell you whether:

  • you’re okay taking care of things on your own or in-house
  • you could use an updated resource
  • you could use an approach combining online and live interaction with a professional
  • it’s time to hire a full-time professional for your business accounting and bookkeeping needs.

*This assessment is confidential for your private use only.  We will not “track it” online nor see your responses unless you provide them to us.  We respect your privacy.

Please feel free to contact us at (816) 741-7882 with any questions you may have.

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