McRuer Money Minutes

Each day our clients ask questions about how we interpret various trends and financial news as well as what our opinions or ideas are about taxation issues.  Our founder, Scott McRuer, has compiled his thoughts in several short video presentations to help you be better informed about today's most talked about tax and money issues.  Please consider contacting us with more topics that interest you and we'll post responses and information here for your convenience.

Why Use McRuer CPAs?
McRuer CPAs Offers an Efficient & Scalable Solution
McRuer CPAs Provides Both Business & Personal Account Management
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Hear more from business clients who use McRuer CPAs for a variety of business services including accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation and planning, business planning, succession planning and more!  

The Value of Using a CPA
Why use a CPA?
CPAs as Investment Advisors
Outsource Your Business Accounting Services
Business: Cost of Cutting Tax Planning Services
IRS Audit Risk on Self-Prepared Taxes

Kansas Income Tax Changes on the Horizon
Fresh Start Tax Help
Hybrid and Electric Cars
What is the "AMT"?
What is "Fair Tax"?
How Long Should I Save Records?
Tips for 2011 Individual Tax Returns
The Payroll Tax Cut Debate

Financial Planning
Retirement Plan for the "New Normal"
The National Debt and Why it Matters

General Business Information
Hire Veterans and Earn Tax Credits
Small Business Insurance Tax Credit
Business Deductions: Why Recordkeeping Matters
Business Deductions: Home Office
How do I Deduct the Use of My Car?
Business Owners & Retirement
Business Deductions: 2011 Vehicle Purchases

End of 2010 Tax Decisions
Roth IRA Conversions: Should You?